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These are usually found on the soles of your feet. They are robust hardy critters that are resistant to many other treatments. Often a verruca will resemble a callus because of its tough, thick tissue. Walking and/or standing may be painful and squeezing the sides of the wart may also cause pain. Tiny black dots may be visible in them and these often appear on the surface of the wart. The dots are in fact dried blood contained in the capillaries (tiny blood vessels).

Plantar warts grow deep into the skin. Usually this growth occurs slowly, with the wart starting small and becoming larger over time.

Left untreated they may spread and form satellite warts, or worse, whole closely formed clusters called ‘mosaic’ warts.

We can sucessfully treat your verrucas with ACP electrolysis. More than one session will be required

Verrucas and Mosaic Warts