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Dermatology Treatments for Blemish Free Skin

Xanthelasma is caused by a collection of yellowish cholesterol deposits underneath the skin around the eyes often forming a solid plaque. Although they are not harmful, their appearance can be upsetting

Treatment with Xanthelasma by Advanced Cosmetic Procedures with Electrology is extremely effective and connsidered by the NHS as 100% efffective. There is also less risk of scarring than other methods of removal such as surgery and is a more precise treatment than laser or cryotherapy therefore considered a safer method taking into account that the affected area is normally very close to the eyes.

Some people use a specialised cover up make-up to camouflage the xanthelasma, this has short term benefits but has to be applied every day and will not diminish the problem.

It is thought that high cholestral levels or high blood pressure can cause the lesions. It can also be hereditory. Although this make up must be applied every day, the result can be extremely encouraging.

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